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Jin♥Kame♥Yamapi OT3

Unforgiven Akamepi drama

those three dorks


Unforgiven Akamepi drama

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Author: Darkash18/Rukia30
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG13
Warning: This is not their true nature :P

Unforgiven 1 - (pilot)
Summary: Jin is in love. So is Kame... but with Yamapi. However, when Kame's heart gets broken, and Jin can't save his precious one from despair, he swears to avenge him.

Unforgiven 2 - A New Hope
Summary: Guilt consumes Yamapi after what happened to Kame. Eita's affection is welcomed, but isn't enough. And when Eita realizes his lover's heart is already taken, he hides his own feelings to support Pi's quest for love.

Unforgiven 3 - Jin's Faith
Summary: Jin takes a gamble and tries the singing industry. But his hope of finally moving forward is altered as he encounters Kame's double. Meanwhile, Yamapi realizes he can't reciprocate to Eita's feelings and makes a decision to continue on his path alone.

Unforgiven 4 - Lonely Hearts
Summary: Shizuku's efforts to be a part of Jin's life are pointless. But, as they are forced to work together, Jin can't seem to push away this Kame look-alike, so he decides to give him a chance. Little does he know that Yamapi is also ready to make a move...

Unforgiven 5 - Revenge
Summary: Afraid that Yamapi might have bad intentions, Jin can't help but be overprotective of Shizuku... Nor can he forget his vow of vengeance: it's time for Pi to pay for his sins.

Disclamer: I dont own JE boys but this video editing is fully made by me :::

The episode 6 is in production please be patient!

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