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Jin♥Kame♥Yamapi OT3

{fic} Tenancy Agreement

those three dorks


{fic} Tenancy Agreement

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Title: Tenancy Agreement (Un-beta'd) 
F-locked in a week
Based on an Indian movie I watched recently called Dostana.


Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters, and I don’t own the story, either. It belongs to JE and the director of the Dostana movie (Tarun Mansukhani), respectively and that’s that.

Pairing: Akame, Pikame, Pin, Akamepi, slight Kokame in the sidelines.  

Rate: PG-13  (Might/Might not increase later)

Genre:  Romance, Fluff, Three-some.

Summary: Yamashita Tomohisa is a photographer. Akanishi Jin is a nurse. Fate makes them bump into each other and they end up having to share an apartment together with one more person – Kamenashi Kazuya, a journalist. But what is more interesting is that the Pin couple is now pretending to be in a relationship in order meet the tenancy requirements set out by Kazuya’s overprotective uncles Tackey and Tsubasa.  How are these two heroes going to manage capturing one Kazu-chan’s heart, now? Or is the fake relationship going to be the reality in the end?

(Agreement # 1) NEW!

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